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Fast Five with Grace Jones, Our New Technician

Curran Plumbing really values our team and its diversity. Grace Jones is a 2nd year apprentice who recently joined our team of technicians. Here’s a bit more about Grace: What got you into plumbing? “When I was 17, I started getting interested in finding my career and I really wanted to do a trade. I just did lots of research and tried to figure out which one I’d want to do the most and what I actually liked doing.” When asked to elaborate on why she focused on trade, Grace said, “I really wanted to work outside and wanted a job that was always changing and was always going to be different.” What’s your favourite part of plumbing? “Meeting new people every day and...

What Do Customers Want?

At Curran Plumbing, there’s one question we find ourselves constantly asking: what do customers want? With the following list of qualities guaranteed, we strive to provide the very best...

The blocked drain symptoms to look out for

Not sure what symptoms to look out for if you have a blocked drain in your home? Watch our informative video now to discover what you should look out for...

Leaks and the forgotten partner in crime

What leaks could be doing to your home When we get leaks the first thing which we think of is almost always water damage. What we don’t think of, is...

Avoid blocked drains by making these small changes

What you need to stop doing to avoid a blocked drain Blocked drains are something that every home owner wants to avoid due to the costly and time consuming nature...

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