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Fast Five with Jack, Service Technician

The first Fast Five blog post of 2018 is with Service Technician, Jack. Jack is a country boy at heart who always puts in a massive effort and gives his full attention to every job he works on for Curran Plumbing. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about Jack below. What got you into plumbing? “I have always been interested in doing a trade. Growing up on a farm down the south coast you learnt to do things with your hands. After doing some work experience with a local plumber I took up an apprenticeship.” What’s your favourite part about plumbing? “My favourite part is that you are always learning new things.  Being able to meet and help so many people...

What’s really in your tap water?

As Australians, we rarely question the quality of our tap water. We take for granted the assumption that our water supplies are clean and free of health dangers. But just...

Fast Five with Zoe, our Account Manager

In this month’s Fast Five we introduce you to the brains trust that manages all of our accounts at Curran Plumbing, Zoe our Account Manager. We hope you enjoy getting to...

What not to feed your dog over the Christmas holidays

The holiday season means plenty of delicious food shared amongst family and friends. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply for our pet dogs. While it might seem thoughtful to slip your...

Fast Five with Steve, Service Technician

This months fast five blog post is with one of our Service Technicians, Steve.  Steve has been with the Curran Plumbing team for some time now.  He has consistently been a...

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