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Leaks and the forgotten partner in crime

What leaks could be doing to your home When we get leaks the first thing which we think of is almost always water damage. What we don’t think of, is the effect that leaks can have on our health, if mould and dampness occur as a result. Mutliple studies out there indicate that mould and dampness can be correlated to various health issues such as; cold like symptoms, skin allergies and most severely asthma. With you and your family being at risk of such health issues, we have highlighted what to look out for if you suspect there is a leak in your home that could result to mould or dampness. Monitor your water usage by checking your water meter reguarly. If...

Avoid blocked drains by making these small changes

What you need to stop doing to avoid a blocked drain Blocked drains are something that every home owner wants to avoid due to the costly and time consuming nature...

The most common DIY plumbing mistakes

Don’t make these common DIY plumbing mistakes Sometimes the old DIY can pay off, and other times you are left standing there wishing you were never so motivated to pickup...

Avoid fatal gas leaks this winter

Make sure to have your gas fittings installed right With daylight savings fast approaching, we will see shorter days and colder weather here before we know it, and with colder...

Do you know the difference between your sewer and stormwater drainage?

What is the difference between sewer and stormwater drainage? We are often surprised that most households are not aware of the difference between their sewer drainage and their stormwater drainage. So...

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