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2 Plumbing Problems To Watch Out For After A Storm

What Plumbing Problems To Watch Out For After A Heavy Downpour

With all of this rain lately can cause an aftermath of plumbing problems throughout your home – which can not only cause numerous plumbing issues, but too, can make your home unsafe to your family and often can be costly to repair.

Our team of plumbers at Curran Plumbing have outlined 2 common plumbing problems to keep an eye out for after a downpour of rain.

We also suggest assessing these problems prior to, if you know bad weather is about to hit, so we can repair any existing plumbing problems before they get any worse.

2 plumbing problems to watch out for after a storm:

  1. Blockages – When large amounts of storm water is running through the pipes in your home, debris and waste can be pushed at such a rapid force that blockages can easily form, reducing the flow of water and resulting in a blocked pipe. You will be able to easily determine if a blockage has formed. Often water will be overflowing from drains, strong odours may be emitted and drainage may be slow. When all of this starts to happen, one hot tip, don’t resort to chemicals. Chemicals can often lead to worsening the blockage, instead, contact our friendly team of plumbers who will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it for you in a fast and reliable manner.
  2. Broken Pipes – When large amounts of rainfall come unexpectingly or after a duration when rain has been limited, movement in the earth can occur. This can cause the pipes in your home to become displaced, leading to cracks or large breakages. If you think one of your pipes may be broken the best way to assess the problem is to test the water pressure, look for water pools across lawns or spots of dampness on the pavers or bricks around your home. Broken pipes often mean excavating your gardens or driveways which can be a costly measure. At Curran Plumbing we use our ‘no-dig’ method of pipe relining to get your pipes back to new and eliminate destroying your gardens or driveways in the process.

If the aftermath of a storm has left your home in a sorry state, contact our highly trained and professional plumbers today on 1300 135 355. We can provide fast, reliable and on-time relief for all your plumbing problems.

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