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5 Quick Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Summer

We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but it’s hard not to anticipate warmer weather as we welcome the blue skies of spring. Plumbing issues probably don’t come to the forefront of your mind, but a number of problems become far more common during summer.

The question: is there anything you can do to get your plumbing ready for the upcoming season? Here are four things to consider as we approach the end of the year.

  1. Washing machines

It’s not uncommon for washing machines to be worked harder during the warmer months. With kids out of school, trips to the pool or beach and sweatier armpits, you are probably going to wash many more loads than usual. Check the position of your washing machine to ensure the hose isn’t kinking, and keep an extra vigilant eye out for any issues to ensure they can be fixed quickly. It may seem over the top, but it’s also a good idea to stay at home while the washing machine is running: this means you are there to stop the cycle and call a plumber if any problems suddenly arise.

  1. Blocked toilets

If more people are home during the holidays, your toilet is going to be put under more stress than usual. This means good habits are more important than ever, so make sure you and your kids are not using excessive amounts of toilet paper. On top of that, keep an eye out for cracks and inefficient flushing and you may just catch an issue before it creates a major plumbing emergency.

  1. Check your gas BBQ

When the weather is warm, we love to cook and eat outdoor. However, remember to always use your gas BBQ outdoors in a well ventilated area. Visually check your gas connections for any wear and tear or damage. Make sure your gas cylinder is still in its valid testing date. Dispose of any old gas cylinders and hoses that have deteriorated with age.

  1. Soapy Water Leak Test

Make up some soapy water solution with household washing up detergent.  Turn on the gas supply to your BBQ.  Brush the soapy water solution on all fittings.  If bubbles form, there is a gas leak and you might also smell gas.  If you find a leak, replace the fittings and hoses immediately.

Give Curran Plumbing a call and we will help you out.

  1. Waste water recycling

Australia is the driest continent on the planet, so it’s easy to churn through water on hot days. If you haven’t already, consider talking to a plumber about a grey water system that recycles some of what you use in the home—such as your bathroom, shower and laundry. You can also install a rainwater tank, allowing you to dramatically ease pressure on your water usage. Both are economical and sustainable options for watering your garden and lawn during summer.

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