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5 signs of a blocked sewer & what to do about it

You slept through your alarm and you’re running half an hour late.  You quickly jump out of bed, grab something to eat, run to the bathroom only to be confronted with a toilet bowl full of water once you flush……. not good!

The scenario above is a pretty gross and annoying event that should be avoided if possible.

To help you out a bit we’ve listed 5 early warning signs of a blocked sewer that you can look out for.


1// Toilet bowl fills with water and sometimes gurgles after flushing

cleaning toilet bowl

As we have mentioned in a scenario at the start of this blog post, this is a very common problem that we are all bound to experience.  Don’t just shrug your shoulders and expect the problem to go away.  This is a definite sign that you have a blockage in your sewer and you should call a plumber to sort it out before the situation becomes worse.

If you own a restaurant or provide facilities to your customers, this is definitely something you want to get on top of straight away.

2// Strange noises

Sewer hole in a brick road

Can you hear a strange noise coming from your sewer pipes? Listen out for these noises through your toilets, bathtubs, sinks and showers. If you can hear strange noises, it doesn’t mean that your house is haunted.  It’s more than likely a sign that there is something wrong with your sewer.

3// Trees look good in your garden but they can cause damage

Man Digging Tree Roots Out Of Old Clogged Clay Ceramic Sewer Pip

Look around your house and see if there are any big trees near the sewer pipes. Why? Believe it or not, tree roots have a way of getting into and crushing sewer pipes and blocking your sewer.

4// What’s that bad smell?

City Sewer

A blocked sewer can smell really bad… so your nose will be able to pick up on a sewer blocking up.

5// Water is slow to drain

Snail On Top Of A Snail On Green Moss

Have you ever tried to drain something and it takes longer than usual to empty out? You guessed it – slow draining is another early warning sign that your sewer is blocked.  While you may be able to clear it temporarily using a plunger you will ultimately have to deal with the problem as most of the time it will keep occurring.


Thankfully, Curran Plumbing has many solutions to this problem!

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We can resolve your blocked sewers quickly and easily.

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