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5 water wise tips to get your house summer ready

The countdown to summer has begun and with that comes the warning that we’re in for a long hot and dry spell.  In order to minimise damage to your home’s plumbing and to reduce water usage costs, get your property summer ready by following our five tips!


1// Watch out for dried-out ground. 

Long periods of hot weather without rain can cause the ground to rapidly dry out. Settling can wreak havoc on your plumbing, if it occurs underneath your system.  Cracks may form, leading to leaks. We recommend regular checks to safeguard against potential leaks.

Plant in dried cracked mud

2// Damage from UV rays.

Invest in insulation if exposed pipes have not already been treated. The stronger UV rays throughout the warmer months may weaken your pipes. In winter, the insulation will also protect your pipes from extreme cold.

Rusty Metal Pipes

3// Soaker hose for the garden.

Soaker hoses are a cost-effective way to ensure your garden remains moist throughout the hot weather. They water your garden through tiny holes that drip through a length of hose, with the water reaching the plant’s roots. No water is lost through evaporation, in turn saving you money on those water bills.

Garden Hose On Ground Covered By Natural Bark, Gardening Backgro

4// Leaky taps.

Now is the time to assess the situation of every tap in your home. Leaky taps account for an unacceptable volume of wasted water per year and all it takes is a routine check to do your bit for water conservation.

Tap closeup with dripping water-drop. Water leaking, saving conc

5// Cover your swimming pool to avoid evaporation.

In the lead up to summer when it’s not quite warm enough to jump into the pool, continue protecting your water levels with an evaporation cover.  Not only do they minimise the need to top your levels up, they double as a way in which to prevent energy loss for heated pools.

pool cover installation


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