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6 benefits of having an outdoor shower

The days are definitely heating up so that means summer is right around the corner and you will be swimming a lot more often.

Australian’s love their backyard pools with a recent report from Roy Morgan Research showing that 16% of Sydney residential households and 7% of rural NSW households own a swimming pool.  The number of pool owners in New South Wales has nearly doubled in the past eight years.

While plenty of people have outdoor pools, we are also seeing an increasing number of homeowners installing outdoor showers for their pre and after-swimming needs.

We have put together a list of the top six benefits of owning an outdoor shower.

Instant Relief

outdoor showers

Now you don’t have to worry about that long walk you will have to make indoors. An outdoor shower is just a few steps away from your swimming towel.  Once you have a swim you can quickly wash off any chlorine from your swimming costume and hair.  If you are going to have a few swims throughout the day then rinsing off after each one will keep you feeling fresh.

Less mess, less stress


An outdoor shower in summer can provide an additional facility for a busy family.  An outdoor shower is also fun and children may be more inclined to shower more often.  You can also keep that chlorine smell out of your house.



Your outdoor shower doesn’t have to stop at just being a shower. Use it for cleaning other things in summer like the sand or dirt off your thongs or the grass off your ice block.

Water fights

Water Fight

Don’t you hate getting into a water fight with someone, and you keep losing because they hog the hose? Your outdoor shower is a quicker and easier way to fill up a bucket of water.

Unique boasting

boasting outdoor shower

How many people can turn around and say they have an outdoor shower? Be one of those first people in your group of friends to say, “Hey! I have an outdoor shower and you don’t.”

Four legged fun

Dog Bathing

You don’t have to spend money on dog groomers anymore! An outdoor shower can be used to wash your pet on those hot summer days and your pet will love you for this.

Are you now considering installing an outdoor shower this summer? Call Curran Plumbing today on 1300 045 240 or click here to chat with us because we are the experts!

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