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6 tips for organising your laundry

Is your laundry the most unattractive room in the house only to be visited to put on a load of washing or dry the clothes?  Yes, it’s true, laundries can be the most unloved rooms of the house – often they are used to store things that you don’t use every day or as a bedroom for your four legged family members.

But, an organised and attractive laundry can really add value to your home and save you time.

Check out our 6 tips for organising your laundry.

1/ Have a major clean out

Containers for recycling

There are many people who have things in their laundry that they don’t use. We like to call these dust-collector items that make you think you need them when you really don’t. If you have items in your laundry that you don’t use at all, throw them out. If you feel like you may need them one day, store them somewhere else – perhaps the basement or garage.  Make sure that you also dispose of any poisons in the right way.

2/ Do it with drawers

Laundry room

One of the best thing you can do for your laundry is to install a cupboard with draws if you don’t already have one.  Why?  Laundries tend to have heaps of little things (e.g. washing powder, fabric softener, and sponges) rather than a few large things. Drawers can be the perfect hiding spot of that cluttered mess.

3/ Adjust the look and feel with new whitegoods

Laundry space

You could really spruce an old laundry up with some modern furniture and updated appliances.  Always remember to check the energy rating on new appliances and choose something that looks good and saves you money.  Make sure you speak with a plumber about installing new equipment the right way.

4/ Lovely laundry baskets


Why not purchase a laundry basket with a lid?  That way you can keep a lid on the amount of washing you have to do.  Set a rule in your family that once the washing reaches the top of the basket someone has to do it.  Have a lid on the basket ensures that the laundry room looks tidy and it keeps any odour contained.

5/ Consider cupboards


You can consider placing your whitegoods in cupboards, especially the clothes dryer.  This will give your laundry room that sleek look.  Just make sure that the dryer has the right ventilation.

6/ Top taps


Make sure that you have the right tap for your laundry and that there are no leaks that will cost you money.

There are a wide variety of laundry taps that are designed to meet your needs and complement any styling that you have in place.

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