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Are you in hot water in 2015?

It’s the first day back to school and things couldn’t be going smoother, right?

We know the mornings are never easy. For the first time since Christmas the whole household needs to be showered, bathed, washed and shaved before the bus leaves, train pulls out and you miss your lift, wandering in half an hour late to work.

Wouldn’t it be nice to save time in the mornings?

In a bustling world where every second counts, 2015 is the time to reassess your hot water system – make sure yours can handle the heat.

With our helpful guide, you’ll save money, time and keep the peace at home with a hot water heater that does the job right in seconds.

Save water with continuous flow.

Many hot water heaters are heating water at all times. Whether you’re at home, work or on the sand in the Maldives, they’ll heat water continuously, costing you wasted money.

As plumbers, we hate seeing water wasted. Continuous flow water heaters only heat the water when it’s needed, as it’s needed, instantly.

Because continuous flow water heaters are only heating the water you want once, you’ll save money on power. In fact, it’s possible to save up to 40% on your power usage by switching to a continuous flow unit.

That means you’ll be able to get the kids showered and on their way to school faster and cheaper than ever.


Avoid tears by staying on top.

Old water heaters can account for huge wastes of both water and power.

If you turn on the tap and you’re waiting more than just a few moments for hot water, it could be a sign that you either need repairs or the heater needs replacing.

Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily need to fork out a fortune here – often it’s a simple repair you’ll need.

Older hot water heaters are notorious for developing leaks and heating elements will fail after years of faithful service.

A lot of wasted water and money can be saved from keeping an eye on natural wear and tear. This is where proper maintenance is the key.

Fancy the modern option in 2015?

We’ve been fixing and replacing old hot water heaters every day for over 25 years.

No two households are the same and, when it comes to choosing the right hot water heater, it’s a good idea to sort out an assessment before purchase.

There are a number of modern energy saving, water wise hot water heaters on the market and we’re proud to make them available for installation.

Cutting edge solutions like continuous flow hot water heaters are tankless, and take up very little space. No tanks mean no leaks, and continuous flow means there’s no running out of hot water after that third-and-a-half shower.

We’ve been supplying and installing hot water heaters for a long time now. If you aren’t getting instant hot water when you need it most, give us a call.


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