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Avoid blocked drains by making these small changes

What you need to stop doing to avoid a blocked drain

Blocked drains are something that every home owner wants to avoid due to the costly and time consuming nature of repairing them. If left unattended you could be limited to what measures you can put in place to fix the problem, resulting in the need to excavate your gardens or driveway in your home to resolve the blockage.

To ensure our customers don’t ever have to experience a blocked drain we have crafted 4 essential things you need to stop doing to avoid blocked drains in your home.

  1. Do not dump food down your drains – when you scrap dirty plates down your sink instead of in your garbage you are increasing your chances of causing a blocked drain. Food unfortunately does not breakdown as well as you would think, causing unwaited blockages, and resulting in a blocked drain.
  2. Do not flush baby wipes or facial wipes down the toilet – Although this one seems like a no brainer, you would not believe the number of times we get to a job and someone has tried to flush baby or facial wipes down the toilet, and unfortunately it has not gone as planned. Due to the materials which these items are made of it makes them virtually impossible to breakdown or dissolve in water, causing your drains to become blocked. Instead throw these items into your garbage bin instead of down your toilet to avoid future blockages.
  3. Do not plant trees near your drainage – Often planting trees around your home can be overlooked as a damaging activity. Trees have extensive root systems and this tree system if planted too close to your home can run into your underground drains, causing tree root intrusions, which can lead to an expensive activity to resolve. Instead plant trees which border your fence line or that are away from your home exterior.
  4. Do not pour oil down the sink – When we are cooking we are all guilty of throwing unwanted oil down our drains… This needs to stop! When you pour oil down your drains in cooler weather the oil can harden causing lumps to occur, resulting in large drain blockages. Next time you want to throw oil away make sure to throw it into a garbage bin or a plastic bag before disposing of it.

If you think you may have a blocked drain in your home either due to the items listed above, or from something else, contact your local plumbing experts at Curran Plumbing today.

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