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Fatberg facts and how you can help to save our waterways

A ‘fatberg’ the length of two tennis courts was recently discovered lurking near a seaside sewer off Sidmouth in the UK, but the sinister mass of fat and wet wipes is just the tip of a world-wide problem. Closer to home, a fatberg found at the Shellharbour pumping station on NSW’s south coast reveals the potential for havoc in Australia’s sewage systems. The image above is of a fatberg at the Shellharbour pumping station on NSW’s south coast illustrates how a blockage caused by non-biodegradable wet wipes can damage public sewage works.  (Image Credit –  Shellharbour wastewater pumping station removing wet wipes and other materials, Sydney Water). Consisting of hardened fat, oil and wet wipes, the British fatberg found off Sidmouth,...

Braided water hoses responsible for one in five insurance claims

Water damage doesn’t just come from burst pipes, in fact the chief culprit for water damage in Australian homes is the braided water hose. You may not have even noticed...

Top water-wise tips for a summer-ready garden

Curran Plumbing gives you advice on how to look after your garden this summer.

How to save water this summer

Curran Plumbing can help you with all of your water saving needs.

Curran Plumbing setting the standard in consumer confidence

Curran Plumbing has taken another step as an industry leader, becoming the only plumbing company in NSW that is using pipe relining materials that have been awarded a WaterMark™...

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