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Ceiling fan repairs and installations

Ceiling fan are a great cost-saving addition to Australian homes and commercial premises. Curran’s electricians can improve your quality of life by installing a recommended ceiling fan.

Fixing problems with a ceiling fan will save a lot of money and inconvenience. The fan can be costly to replace, and ceiling fan faults can also lead to electrical wiring damage, other fans and appliances burning out or electrical fires. So make sure your ceiling fans are installed and functioning correctly.

Our qualified electrician has the right equipment to:

Test the ceiling fan for any basic electrical fault

Repair faulty fan parts such as blades and Fan Lights

Re-wire fans

Install a surge protection device

Upgrade your fan eg to include lights and remotes

Test for adequate ceiling support

Your Local Ceiling Fan Experts

Phone Curran straight away if:

  • The fan has stopped working
  • The fan only works intermittently
  • The fan wobbles badly or seems unbalanced
  • The fan makes odd noises
  • There are sparks near the fan
  • A fan blade is broken
  • The fan’s light no longer works
  • The surrounding ceiling area is cracked or damp

You should never try to handle these problems yourself. In NSW only qualified electricians can legally work on ceiling fan problems.

Curran will send a professional electrician to your home to diagnose the source of the problem and provide a solution. Our staff are licensed and trained in providing the most up to date fixes for electrical faults.

ceiling fan installation

Our professionals can help you plan a ceiling fan installation to improve your lifestyle. Ceiling fans use far less energy than an air conditioner. They move the air gently, and this air circulation cools the temperature on hot days and improves general air quality. They can reduce mould during damp periods by removing moisture and humidity. Ceiling fans are a quiet, hygienic, economical alternative for cooling your home at night when the air conditioner is switched off. They can also circulate heated air through the house. Ceiling fans are much safer and more effective than stand fans, desk fans or box fans.

Our trained electricians can help you plan for and install:

  • Indoor ceiling fans throughout your home
  • Ceiling fans in commercial premises and factories
  • Outdoor fans built for sheltered al fresco areas such as verandahs
  • Quiet motor DC ceiling fans
  • Quiet fans with timber blades for a baby’s room
  • Fans with optimal energy ratings
  • Fans that suit the ceiling height and support
  • Fans that match the decor of your home such as Hamptons, Colonial or Industrial Modern
  • Exhaust fans e.g. for commercial kitchens

Our trained electricians can also explain how to spot early signs of ceiling fan problems and the best way to clean and maintain them to prevent future problems.

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