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COVID-19 Update + Blocked sewer signs & solutions

Curran Plumbing is proudly continuing to provide services to our customers throughout the Illawarra, South Coast and Sutherland Shire regions.

Our company has necessarily recognised COVID-19 related government restrictions and modified company procedures, so we are still able, authorised and willing to provide plumbing services.

We understand that our customers have concerns:

“How can plumbers can work on my property and still follow social distancing measures?”

Read our new Coronavirus protocols here and be assured that we have taken steps to ensure your health and safety and that of our team. 

“Does the government understand that a plumbing emergency still means we need a plumber here today for our health and safety, whatever else is happening?”

The NSW/Australian government has committed to allowing plumbers to provide emergency services.

Curran Plumbing is available 24/7 for emergency service work.

“I’m finally getting the time at home to think about how our household operates, so what advice is there about improving the plumbing aspects?”

We will continue to update the Curran Plumbing website with articles, blogs and symptom-based advice that highlight the everyday changes households can make to save money, improve health and safety and help the environment.

Take advantage of the time to review your home’s plumbing system. To get started, here are a few ideas to consider:

• Check for warning signs such as a blocked sewer or damaged braided water hoses or water heater and call a professional plumber where needed.

• Monitor what your family puts down household drains, especially now that we are more frequently disposing items for safety reasons . Read our article about fatbergs, how they can develop and their consequences here.

Install a rainwater tank to make your property more resilient during drought and save on both water bills and natural resources.

Install a sophisticated ‘washlet’ or bidet-toilet to avoid using toilet paper. Or, take the opposite (still paperless) option and install a compost toilet.

“What are the signs of a blocked sewer?”

Unfortunately, there have been reports of blocked sewers due to people flushing wet wipes and other materials because of the toilet paper shortage.

Alerts include:

  • waste not flushing
  • bad sewer smells
  • receding water line in the toilet bowl
  • gurgling sounds or overflows of toilets, sinks or drains.

“How can I try and clear a blocked sewer?”

There are a number of methods you can try to dislodge your drain blockage. These include:

  • using a plunger where air pressure may dislodge objects in the blocked pipe
  • try pouring very hot water down the drain
  • sprinkle bicarb soda in the drain follow by some vinegar
  • use a commercial drain cleaners like Drano.

Curran Plumbing remains committed to maintaining a high quality and safe service for our customers throughout the period of COVID-19 restrictions.

We are also here to help and can offer interest free payment terms.

Our personnel thank you for your cooperation.

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