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Curran Plumbing continues to invest in the latest plumbing technology

We recently upgraded to Speedy Light Plus LED equipment, a new system that transforms the process of pipe relining.


The Speedy Light Plus from Sewertronics makes pipe relining stronger and more durable plus quicker to complete – a great solution for Curran Plumbing customers.

LED light curing replaces traditional heat-curing processes for a more efficient result.

Curran’s commitment to pipe relining technology

Curran Plumbing has been committed to the latest pipe relining technology for many years, becoming one of the first plumbing companies in Australia to provide recognised pipe relining services.

Pipe relining is a reliable solution and we’ve become experts in delivering it – see our article on pipe relining for more details. 

What makes pipe relining technology the best option in many homes and properties is that – without resorting to major excavations – older pipes can be made as good as new. The latest technology we use from Sewertronics makes the relining solution even more watertight.

The Speedy Light Plus from Sewertronics technology can be applied to the plumbing systems of domestic homes and businesses. It is ideal for situations where old pipes that are located under driveways, gardens and rocks need strengthening but without drastic upheaval.

How the service works

Pipe relining involves adding a thick new lining to the interior of an old pipe, which will make it free of cracks or leaks. An epoxy resin sleeve is fitted inside the old pipe and bonded to it.

A key advantage of pipe relining is that excavating and replacing the old pipe can be avoided – as can the labour, mess and disruption to tiles, garden beds and animals associated with an excavation.

The Speedy Light Plus from Sewertronics uses a high-powered LED to irradiate the impregnated liner, initiating an exothermic reaction that cures the entire thickness of the carrier resin. The wavelength (400nm) of the LEDs ensures energy is efficiently used to cure the liner. The LED components integrated in the SpeedyLight+ LED system are lead-free and comply with RoHS legislation.

The system is suitable for pipes made from terracotta, PVC, concrete and cast iron. It is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical pipes. Horizontal pipe use is most common in sewer lateral connections, where diameters range from DN100 to DN400. The system is also used to renovate vertical pipes in buildings or drain lines, where minimising downtime is critical.

Sewertronics’ epoxy LED family of resins have been specifically designed to work in combination with Speedy Light Plus and other Sewertronics curing devices. They ensure a proper polymerization yet deliver a high degree of bonding and adhesiveness.

In situations where the second manhole is not accessible, the rehabilitation can be done from one end of the pipe using a dedicated transparent hose – so that the UV radiation is not blocked by the hose.

The Speedy Light Plus Lining Cure Procedure

The Speedy Light Plus system fits in with the basic process for relining pipes.

A professional plumber will:

  1. Send a plumber’s drain camera down the old pipe to identify damage or blockage points.
  2. Remove debris, including rot, tree roots or rust and smooth off surfaces using pipe cutters.
  3. Clear and clean old pipes with water jets and then dry them.
  4. Measure the lining requirements. In a purpose-built truck, mix the epoxy resin with a hardening agent and apply evenly to the liner.
  5. Dig a small, single hole to access the old pipe.
  6. Place the epoxy resin coated lining in position and then adhere it to the pipe interior using a compressed air technique.
  7. The epoxy resin is ‘cured’ by LED that cures the entire thickness of the carrier resin to create a new seamless and watertight lining. In contrast to heat-cured solutions, LED cure time corresponds directly to the length of the shot.
  8. Cut out any inspection pits or junctions in the old pipe.
  9. Conduct final testing using visual inspection, a drain camera and leak detection equipment.

As a customer you benefit from economical pipe relining that provides:

  • Strength – creates a strong epoxy resin sleeve inside the pipe, with a high degree of bonding
  • Durability – pipe replacement times, rather than every 15 years, are now an estimated 50 years
  • Reduction in time to make it fully functional, including curing times up to 5 times faster than traditional technologies 
  • Reduction in costs overall – as new technology streamlines the process for the plumbing team.

As a plumbing company we benefit from using a cutting-edge system to reline pipes:

  • The Speedy Light Plus system allows contractors to cure the impregnated liner at a speeds up to 1.2 m/min, reducing the average time at the job site.
  • The Speedy Light Plus equipment is light and compact. The total weight of the unit (including power supply) is just over 100 kg, and it has built-in mobility wheels. This makes it  more manageable for small plumbing teams.
  • The Speedy Light Plus technology for relining suits both mainline and lateral pipe renovation.
  • The Speedy Light Plus cured lining suits a wide range of applications and pipe configurations.
  • The system meets and exceeds industry standards. (Young modulus and first breaking strength exceeds the industry standards allowing to cure liners of 3.0 to 4.5 mm under any load hypothesis and hose pipe stage. Guidelines and recommendation from EN ISO 11296-4 and DWA 144-3 have been followed.)
  • With curing times up to 5 times faster than traditional technologies and the process easier for a small team to manage, we can complete many more jobs per week.
  • With the flexibility of the system we can tackle more challenging situations – such as difficult site access, complex pipe configurations or multiple bends.
  • Light technology helps the industry to protect the environment. It uses less energy to cure every metre of liner, and it uses resin that is styrene-free and amine-free.

Upgrade your plumbing with relined pipes now

The Speedy Light Plus from Sewertronics system is available for a professional plumber to use now to reline your pipes.

To book a service call with an experienced plumbing technician, simply contact Curran Plumbing by phone or through the contact form on our website. You can also reach us via our Facebook page. 

A Curran Plumbing technician will attend your home to diagnose the problem by checking your pipes with a CCTV camera.

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Steve Taylor
December 4, 2023
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The team were on time, very professional and I was informed of all that was to be done before and during and then a summary at the end of the job. We were very impressed. Thank you also for replacing our old gas hot water system so quickly
December 4, 2023
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Excellent professional service and work completed quickly and without any incidence. All work was carried out in a timely and expedient manner and workmen were very courteous
Helen Barlow
November 30, 2023
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Good service by courteous efficient and helpful tradesmen!
Lee Jourdain
November 29, 2023
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Curran were out within an hour of my call. I was fully advised by the person on the end of the phone of their procedures and they communicated with me by text and email during my wait. The technician gave me 25 mins notice of his arrival. He advised me what he would be doing, the price, and when he was about to turn the power off. Fixed the problem in 20 mins. I was very impressed with their customer service.
Kathryn Hughes
November 22, 2023
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Same day service a bonus. On time and presented well. Explained everything well. Very happy with the service. I have used them in the past and will continue to use and recommend.
Ann Cameron
November 22, 2023
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I was very pleased & impressed with the quick service & politeness of this young men & also the way they cleaned up & put everything back the way it was ,I would definitely recommend Currans Plumbing to anyone.
November 20, 2023
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I have no hesitation in recommending Curran's to anyone needing repairs or installations in their homes. Top service and attention to detail; tradesmen are all polite, courteous and respectful. At every stage of the job they checked before going ahead if problems were discovered. Great work Currans!
Max Zalakos
November 18, 2023
Read More
Excellent and friendly service by experienced personnel who knew exactly what to do, and do it well, and expeditiously. Very happy!
Brendan Nolan
November 16, 2023
Read More
Shout out to the team at Curran's for the quick response and top-quality service!
Radu Bliuc
November 15, 2023
Read More
Great service from Jake and CJ. Professional, punctual, efficient, great in communications the technical aspect of the job. Well done!
Brett T
November 14, 2023
Read More
Explained the job. Professional and friendly. Great after sales service.
Onge Onge
November 9, 2023
Read More
Guys did a great job in not so easy circumstances and short notice, very polite and professional. Answered any questions I had and kept us updated all the way. No problem recommending Curran for any plumbing work.
Belinda Dakin
November 7, 2023
Read More
Levi was informative, did the job in a timely fashion and was a pleasure to have here.
HelloBeauty Home Salon
November 2, 2023
Read More
These guys never disappoint.professional, courteous and transparent.I wish more tradies used this business model.
David Smith
November 2, 2023
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We had a blocked sewer. Communication with the organisation wad easy. I was kept informed about the job. Nathan was polite, well presented and had a great attitude. He explained what he would do and why. The job was done well, he explained what he did and what the result of his work was. He did a great job. Thanks
Narelle Lovell
November 2, 2023
Read More
Very professional service would recommend highly
Dianne Hosa
October 31, 2023
Read More
They were on time. They rung before coming as they said they would. They explained what they were doing before they started doing the work. They show me what they did and made sure everything was working efficiently before leaving.
Cheryl Harris
October 27, 2023
Read More
I found the guys at Curran Electrical and Plumbing to be great, they were open really friendly and helpful. They did the job on time with no mess. I also found them to be honest. I thought I had to replace two lights in the bathroom however while installing the new ones we found another switch so I did not need them replaced after all and the quote was adjusted to reflect this.
Bryan Rugg
October 25, 2023
Read More
I found the work that was completed was to an excellent quality. The workers were professional in their responses to questions and they were always on time.
Paul Blanden
October 25, 2023
Read More
Excellent work from Josh & Hunter. Very professional, polite & great work. Greatly appreciated. Thank you
Jimmy's Burger Truck
October 23, 2023
Read More
very professional service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. tidy workers that kept the business clean as they were working throughout the job. highly recommend !
October 18, 2023
Read More
Very efficient and friendly service. I highly recommend these guys.
Jennifer Bean
October 16, 2023
Read More
The contractors (both electrical and plumbing tradespeople) were personable and professional. It was great service, they arrived on time, checked each decision with me and worked hard. They were clean and tidy and treated my place respectfully.
Kevin Ryan
October 15, 2023
Read More
Quick service and helpful staff both on the phone speaking to office staff and the young plumber who came to do the job
Michael C
October 10, 2023
Read More
They assessed the job clearly, told us what was needed, and explained how they would work. They turned up on time, were polite, and did the work with a minimum of fuss.
Charlie Bell
October 6, 2023
Read More
Curran were able to come to me at short notice after a sewer disaster. They kept me informed of timing and Jake the plumber was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about his trade. He was efficient, thorough and happy to answer questions and tell me why and what he was doing offering a practical solution to our ageing property’s plumbing needs. Thank you. I’ll be in touch
Tracy Webb
October 5, 2023
Read More
Fast and efficient service with everything explained before the job was commenced. Professional and friendly which was very nice.
Jono Q
October 3, 2023
Read More
Very helpful people, happy to talk through what they were doing and why.
Katrina Toland
September 25, 2023
Read More
We use Curran's for any plumbing requirement we have. They communicate well and are conscious of the importance of everyone's time. I totally recommend their services.
Mitch Ashford
September 12, 2023
Read More
My mother who's in her 80's needed her toilet fixed. Curran Plumbing and Electrical did everything perfectly. Service was fast, plumber did a great job after informing me of the several options I had. He was also polite, well mannered and friendly, taking the time to ensure I understood everything he did. Service was perfect and I highly recommend Curran Plumbing and Electrical
Merryn Wright
September 12, 2023
Read More
Curran Plumbing & Electrical recently installed a new pump on my rainwater tank. I am very pleased with their work and also that they were able to do it within a few days of getting their quote. I also appreciated that when the quote was done that a video was taken of what needed to be done, so that whoever did the work knew what needed to be done.
August 26, 2023
Read More
Had a new toilet installed and 6 taps replaced with ‘quarter turn’ taps to aid my arthritic fingers. Perfectly happy with the work and the very professional and friendly tradesmen. Gold stars to Luke, Josh and Jake
Jeff B
July 01, 2023
Read More
Jake arrived on time, we talked thru our issue and he checked out our storm water problem. He was easily able to pinpoint our blockage and put together 2 quote options to rectify the fault. Jake is a good representative for the business👍
John Q
June 29, 2023
Read More
Well done team. Great to finally meet a professional company. You guys responded quickly, found the problem, gave a respectable quote (unheard-of nowadays) and got the job done. This is the place to go if you have any electrical or plumbing needs. Thanks again Curran
Kelly S
June 28, 2023
Read More
Sam was excellent. He was on time, polite, and did a fantastic and thorough job. He gave us detailed options for the job and we appreciated his honest and professional opinion. We will 100% use Curran plumbing again.
Dave P
June 04, 2023
Read More
Sam was bang on time and fixed our septic issue very quickly. He also sent a camera up the pipes to ensure everything else was fine before leaving. We've enjoyed our ongoing relationship with Curran after they did some major works for us last year and our membership is well worth it.
John D
May 26, 2023
Read More
The people doing the work were friendly, professional and informative and the work was carried out in a timely manner. You should be proud of the plumbing and electrical people who completed this work
Gordon M
July 18, 2022
Read More
Currans supplied us with constant updating of the project and when completed arranged for an inspection of the completed works.
Mitchell F
July 16, 2022
Read More
From the first phone call Curran plumbing services were professional, showed up on time for scheduled quote , then me updated when the job was going to be completed . On the day of install all of the staff were well trained , well spoken and installed my new instantaneous gas hot water system like they were installing it in their own home . The quality in detail to make sure I was satisfied didn’t go unnoticed. At the end of the day I feel like I have gained a plumber for life . 100% recommend.
InJect A Joint V
July 13, 2022
Read More
Luke was a Complete Gentleman and he explained every detail to my wife and i!! On this basis we excepted his Quote on the Spot and told him to go ahead and install our Brand New Australian made Hot Water System!! It was all Done that afternoon with Expert Precision d we had Hot water by 4pm!! Absolutely Marvellous Well Done! Sid you should be Very Proud of the Workmanship that Luke Performed!!
Brian D
July 13, 2022
Read More
From my first contact with your company to completion of the job was only a few days tree roots in the sewer pipes gone, big thanks to your team.
David Collins
July 11, 2022
Read More
Hi it's Dave from Dapto for Block drain problem, Part of Sewer drain renewal and ground was leveled nice & looks good, kitchen drain came apart and was reconnected all services where friendly and good communication excellent work. Thank you
Kingfisher Maritime
July 10, 2022
Read More
I found Josh from Curren Plumbing to be very honest and trustworthy in the work he carried out at my home. Josh communicated everything he was going to do and the results of these actions in a manner I was able to understand. I was happy with the work Josh did at my home.

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