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How a hot water heater tune up can save you money

Did you know that properly maintaining your hot water heater is a smart idea?

Avoid a disrupted hot water supply in the future – and save money – by calling us today to organise a hot water heater tune-up and flush.

Spending many more hours around the house can create some long-term benefits. Tackling home maintenance plans is a great way to feel productive and head off plumbing issues that could cost you plenty of money further down the track.

A good hot water system is an essential working part of a functional and happy home. Just by taking a few simple steps to maintain your household’s water heater you can solve many potential problems – and then relax with a hot, cleansing soak in the bathtub.

Issues with your water heater

Good water heaters are designed to last about ten years, but many of us have water heaters that are way older. Since they are located in the background, it is easy to forget about water heaters and how hard they need to work to supply continuous hot water reliably.

Common problems associated with an ageing water heater include:

  • Elements such as thermostats can become corroded
  • Blockages can build up from accumulated sediment
  • Unreliable flames due to a damaged thermocouple
  • Pressure fading on expansion tank
  • Water connections not working efficiently
  • Gas connections not working safely
  • Rusting and paint flaking from age and exposure
  • Older systems no longer meeting Code (building or local council), which will make it harder to rent out, value or resell your property.

Benefits of a water heater tune-up and flush

A tune-up and flush of a water heater with a tank system will ensure that you don’t have to replace your hot water system so often. This means you can avoid the interrupted supply, cost and mess associated with replacing a broken system.

A professional water heater tune-up can address some of the common costly issues associated with different varieties of tank water heaters.

Curran Plumbing can take care of it

Right now, many homeowners have the time to address home maintenance issues but need to be careful with their budget, so we’ve developed a special $59 package for a water heater tune-up and flush from a Curran Plumbing professional. Make an appointment now.

Curran Plumbing repairs and upgrades older hot water systems, and can install new ones, so we have considerable expertise in the best ways to ensure that tank water heaters keep producing hot, flowing water.

When Curran Plumbing tunes up tank water heaters, the service includes the following:

  • Check for Accumulated Sediment In Tank and Flush Water Heater
  • Check for Proper Flame
  • Check for Proper Venting
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check Expansion Tank Pressure
  • General Appearance
  • Is Water Heater Up To Code?
  • Check Water And Gas Connections.

Our great $59 water heater tune-up and flush offer has a value of $323, so don’t delay, make your booking now. Note that the offer excludes tankless water heaters.

Plumbing services are classed as essential services, so our trained plumbers are permitted to visit your home and fix any problems on the spot. As always, Curran plumbers will follow strict Covid-safe procedures for your health, safety and comfort.

Use your time to arrange a pre-emptive strike today that will ensure a smooth flow of hot water in the future.

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