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How Poor Quality Plumbing Can Cost Your Business

Whether you run a store or a restaurant, ensuring that every part of your property is running smoothly is absolutely critical. You wouldn’t dream about opening the store without power, or letting your employees into the office without working internet, so why do so many places try to soldier despite serious plumbing problems?

From blocks to leaks to spills to cracks to seepage, any kind of plumbing problem is worth taking a serious look at. In some industries, certain plumbing problems are grounds for immediate closure of the business until the issue has been rectified.

At Curran Plumbing, we’ve seen all kinds of issues in all kinds of properties. Read on to hear a little bit about some of the ways commercial properties go wrong and what you can do.

Clogged drains mean more than a backed up sink

Especially in food and beverage establishments, a backed up, overflowing drain is a serious problem. When it’s located in the kitchen, the problem multiplies. The most common cause of a clogged drain in restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes is FOG – fats, oils and grease. When these substances meet cold water or a cold section of piping, they solidify and begin to collect in the plumbing. This can lead to some major disasters such as your dishwashing station overflowing and effectively stopping you from cleaning crockery and cutlery.

Unfortunately, commercial substances aren’t a solution in most cases – especially after the clog has already backed up the sink. The best cure is prevention – arm your employees with an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the substances in the drains before it completely seals the piping, and have your drains professional cleaned monthly or every two months. You’ll minimise your chance of a work stoppage because of a dodgy drain that way.

Providing the amenities your customers need

There’s little a business can do that drives business away more than smelly or non-functioning toilets (and the two usually go hand in hand). Whether you sell paella or power points, nothing puts customers off more than the smell of raw sewerage.

Non-functioning toilets – if left for long enough – can actually lead to your business violating the Building Code of Australia. Reference the Australian Building Codes Board website to find out exactly what you need to provide your employees and guests – calculated by number of male and female employees and – for restaurants – total seating capacity.

Whatever issue you’re facing – or whether you want to engage in some preventative maintenance – rest assured that the team at Curran Plumbing are ready and willing to assist. Contact us today to learn more about our range of commercial services.

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