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How To Read Your Water Meter

It’s good to check for leaks but it’s better to know where your water meter is located in case of an emergency. 

Get some pointers for checking and reading your water meter by watching Curran Plumbing’s exclusive DIY video series featuring former Better Homes and Gardens presenter, Jason Hodges.

How to check your water meter 

  1. You should always be able to locate your water meter in case of plumbing emergencies, so if you are in a new home and are unsure, track it down now. Meters are generally located at the front of houses. In an apartment block, any individual meter may be in the carpark or services area, marked with your apartment number.
  2. Even if there are no signs of issues with your water meter, make a plan to check it every six months or so.
  3. Learn how to read the numbers on your meter and understand what they mean. The line of figures represents litres. The black and white section describes kilolitres on the typical Australian meter, and the red section figures represent litres.
  4. If all is well, the meter will be still when the water is off.
  5. However, if the water isn’t on but the little red number on the far right side is ticking over, you have a problem with leaks that requires urgent attention. If left unattended, it wouldn’t take long to fill an Olympic size swimming pool with precious, expensive drinking water.
  6. If your inspection indicates a leak, call Curran Plumbing and let us know. We can help you determine if the source of the leak is inside or outside your home or on council property.

Keep an eye on your meter in case of any future leaks. Take a photo if you want to record rapid changes. Being aware of meter readings will also be helpful if you are going to monitor your water usage, discuss a bill with your water authority or describe a problem to your service technician. Water is a precious resource, so we don’t want to waste it.

Call Curran Plumbing for services related to your water meter or water leaks. During the visit, ask our service technician to walk you through the meter reading process if you need assistance.

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