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How to install a showerhead restrictor

The right showerhead can really help your household water budget. Adding a nifty flow restrictor will convert your showerhead to water saving mode, but still retain water pressure. Jason Hodges, television’s king of home maintenance shows how easy it is for you to install a restrictor for your shower head that will retain the water pressure but reduce the flow – and your household expenses.

You will need: a restrictor, a shifter (adjustable wrench or spanner), work gloves, cloth

  1. If you are at loggerheads with teenagers who hog the hot water for ages, bear in mind that you can buy a whole new water-saving enviro showerhead for upwards of $25. Or, you can simply buy a flow restrictor from the hardware store that will only set you back about $8.50 – and the kids won’t even realise what’s afoot because the showerhead is the same.
  2. Turn off the water and drain away any water left in the showerhead.
  3. Undo the showerhead at the wall using the shifter.
  4. Remove any rubber washers that are not fixed.
  5. Put in the restrictor ensuring the ‘peak’ portion is facing the right way.
  6. Replace the restrictor’s rubber washers if you can – they may not fit.
  7. Fix the retrofitted showerhead back on the wall but don’t overtighten it. The job’s all done – and the kids won’t see a difference.

Because of the way the restrictor pushes water through, it will still feel like a shower with good pressure. But the restrictor will reduce your showerhead’s water release down to about six litres a minute, which is a drastic saving of hot water.

Troubleshooting –  Replace your water flow restrictor every few years, Or, clean with white vinegar and bicarb soda solution, using a pin to push out large deposits.

A shower that functions well but doesn’t waste hot water is a priority in most homes. Installing a small restrictor in your showerhead yourself will save you lots of hot water, as well as family arguments. Reduced water and electricity bills should also be a reward for your efforts.

Call Curran Plumbing if you need to sort out the shower systems in your household. We can install modern shower replacements plus advise on the devices you might require including temperature safety switches, mist to massage pressure options and water conservation features.

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