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How to save water at home

With the latest water restrictions highlighting water consumption in Australia, now is the time to run a check on all household water fixtures and assess their efficiency.

At Curran Plumbing we regularly see the good results for households that prioritise water fixture efficiency. Savings on water bills, preventing water-related damage to infrastructure and reducing pressure on local water supply are some of the obvious advantages, in addition to the greater benefits that less water wastage has for our environment.

Neglecting water fixture efficiency in either owner-occupied or rented-out properties could result in considerable damage and substantial costs.

Here are some of the potential problem areas and the actions we can recommend to improve water efficiencies in homes, businesses and holiday properties.

Water pressure

Reducing the pressure of water supplied to your home can moderate excessive flows of water, reduce leaks and make fixtures last longer. A licensed plumber can install valves that regulate pressure, helping to slash household water consumption.

Indoor and Outdoor Taps

Leaking taps can potentially lose litres of water. Outdoor tap fixtures tend to age, rust and weaken more quickly, due to the effects of weathering, so start your fixture check outside. Both indoor and outdoor taps can be replaced by a WELS 4 star rated tap (WELS is Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) which could reduce water use by around 50%.


Address leaking showerheads to reduce water loss. Replacing an inefficient showerhead with an eco-friendly one will save even more water. A WELS 4 star rated model could reduce water use by around 50%.


Leaking toilets are a potential health hazard, among other problems, so should never be left unattended. Also consider water-efficient toilet options, as water-intensive toilets waste as much as 20 litres per flush. For example, replacing a single flush toilet with a WELS 4 star rated dual flush toilet could reduce water use by around 60%. Installing a pressure-assisted toilet will also save water, due to its compressed air flushing system and a tank system that reduces condensation.

Sinks, basins and braided water hoses

Investigate the state of all the pipes and fittings connected to bathroom, kitchen and laundry basins and sinks. Remember, some fixtures may be located within cupboards and other hard-to-access spaces. Especially check braided water hoses – any dark spots could be signs that the braided steel hose is about to burst. An important tip is to remove any corrosive chemicals that are stored nearby.

Water fixtures audit

Curran Plumbing can help you out by providing a professional plumber to conduct a targeted ‘Water Saver Check’.

We offer a $99 Water Saver Check to households in the Shoalhaven, Sutherland Shire and Illawarra regions – contact the Curran Plumbing team today for more details. Offer valid until 29 February 2020.

We can quote on new installations, including the removal and disposal of your existing tap set, showerhead or toilet suite.

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