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How to save water this summer

There is no denying that NSW is in a state of severe drought. The effects are being felt right across the country including the Illawarra and wider Sydney region.

Dam levels are falling and most cases they are sitting at just over half of their capacity or under. With summer approaching, it’s imperative that we save water where possible, and to give you a hand we have put together some key water saving tips.

Install water-efficient appliances

It’s no secret that appliances like showers, dishwashers, toilets and taps are among the biggest water-wasters in each household – especially if they are old and outdated.

While we can’t live without these things, we can significantly cut down on the water they use by installing water efficient products.

For example, you can save up to 19 litres per minute by using a water-efficient showerhead, which equates to a whopping 14,500 litres a year.

You’ll see similar water savings by installing low-flow taps and dual-flush toilets or by upgrading to a water-efficient dishwasher.

Not only would you be helping the environment by saving water, you’ll also trim a hefty sum off your bills. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Cut down on everyday appliances

 Sometimes, the simplest advice is best. If you want to save water, then use less of it!

Arguably the biggest culprit for water-wasting is the shower, as we tend to stay in there for far longer than needed.

Every minute you slash from your normal shower time will save nine litres of water. If you couple that with an efficient shower head then you’ll save a flood over the course of a year.

Other little things you can do to save water are:

  • Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth
  • Only flushing the toilet when necessary (don’t flush items that don’t need to be flushed)
  • Turn all taps off firmly to avoid dripping
  • Don’t wash anything under a running tap. Half-fill the sink instead
  • Reduce the number of washing loads per week by combining smaller loads

Be conscious when watering gardens

Around 50% of water usage in homes comes from watering gardens or plants. When you consider that sprinklers are often left on or hoses are used to drench gardens, it’s not surprising.

Installing a rainwater tank is a fantastic way to combat this issue. As well, be mindful that some plants don’t require much water to survive and thrive.

A rainwater tank is also the perfect solution for the summer months when water restrictions are likely to be enforced.  While there hasn’t been much rain of late as soon as there is a downfall you will be able to collect every drop.

If you have any questions about how you can save water around your house, or you wish to install water-efficient appliances, please contact us today.



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