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How To Use a Plunger To Clear a Blocked Toilet

Clearing a blocked toilet is not a fun job. In fact, it can be messy and smelly.  But knowing how to unclog a toilet can mean getting the job done quickly.

To help you out, Curran Plumbing has partnered up with former Better Homes and Gardens host Jason Hodges to give you tips on tackling DIY jobs like clearing a blocked toilet so you don’t have to call a plumber.

Steps to using a plunger to clear a blocked toilet 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Invest in a set of plungers that will help tame any overflowing sink or toilets. A classic plunger (cup-shaped) works well for sinks and basins as they have the best chance of unblocking your toilet, you will need a bellows-design plunger. You can purchase this type of plunger at your local hardware store for a cost of around $20 to $25.
  2. Turn off the water at the tap located at the back of the toilet.
  3. The bellows-design toilet plunger works by turning the handle anti-clockwise to break the seal. Get some water into the plunger by pushing it down into the toilet bowl. You’ll hear the air coming out the top of the plunger. Turn the handle clockwise, sealing the plunger. Gently push it up and down into the toilet bowl, and hopefully, your toilet will be cleared of the blockage and flushing freely.
  4. Turn the water tap to your toilet back on and give your toilet a flush to check that the blockage is cleared.
  5. Take the toilet plunger outside and give it a good rinse off with the garden hose and store it in the shed.
  6. Persisting problems will need to be investigated by a plumber, pronto. So, if you cannot clear the blockage, it may relate to sewer issues that need to be investigated further.

With the right tools, you can provide a quick solution to minor plumbing issues at home, like the dreaded blocked toilet, before they cause big problems. 

Call Curran Plumbing if you need more assistance with plumbing blockages and ensure you deal with problem sinks and toilets, so they don’t escalate into a plumbing emergency.

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