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Know what’s in your water and the benefits of water filtration technology

The latest water purifying technology can deliver safe water to your family and a great water drinking experience.

Curran Plumbing has prepared this guide for our customers, explaining their options for purified drinking water.

Start by understanding the quality of the water supplied to your house.

What is really in your mains tap water supply?

If you live in the Shoalhaven, Illawarra or Sutherland Shire areas, you might be surprised to learn what is in your tap water supply.

Fortunately, the two main water utilities servicing these areas – Sydney Water and Shoalhaven Water – provide detailed breakdowns of the water supply.

Drinking-Water – Sydney, Wollongong and Shoalhaven

Elements in WaterSydney and WollongongShoalhaven
Chlorine1.35 (mg/L)1.0126 (mg/L)
Fluoride1.04 (mg/L)1.0477 (mg/L)
pH7.47-7.93 (pH Units)7.5413 (pH Units)
Disolved liquids130 (mg/L)55 (mg/L)
Hardness40-59 (mg CaCO3/L)71.5667 (mg/L)
Temperature14.5-21.9 (degrees C)14.4-22.9 (degrees C)
Iron0.007-0.017 (mg/L)0.0608 (mg/L)
Lead0.0001-0.0005 (mg/L)0.0001 (mg/L)
Sodium13.8 (mg/L)11.3333 (mg/L)
Magnesium1.65-1.95 (mg/L)3.7533 (mg/L)

(Shoalhaven Water May 2021, Sydney Water August 2021)

It’s important to note that these statistics will often change.

Sydney Water has a handy feature where you can check on your water quality by entering your address. You can check this out here.

Shoalhaven Water publishes water quality results here.

What can affect water quality on your premises?

As we outlined in a previous article, within your household, the water supply may become contaminated, for example with metals like traces of lead from older brass tap fittings that are in contact with the water for long periods. Hot water systems are more likely to corrode metals than cold water systems.

Key actions you can take include getting your service technician to upgrade your house tap fittings with new industry-standard plumbing products plus installing a water filter.

Rainwater supply on your premises

Although rainwater collected in tanks can supply an alternative to tap water that is free and has many positive qualities, household rainwater is subject to contamination.

Rainwater is more acidic than mains tap water, making it somewhat more likely to corrode metals that it contacts.

Key actions you can take include getting your service technician to check your rainwater tank as well as house tap fittings, installing new industry standard plumbing products plus installing a water filter.

Who needs purified tap water the most?

The average all-adult household may not need to be immediately concerned with issues like lead in the water supply. However, a household that has bottle-fed babies who consume tap water needs to prioritise water purity, as the bodyweight of infants makes them more susceptible to metals such as lead in their drinking water.

What water filter system do I need?

There are a range of water filtration systems to suit Australian households. Some of the most popular include:

  • Under the sink filters for mains water or for rainwater
  • Whole house filters for mains water or for rainwater

Curran Plumbing uses Puretec water filtration systems. Here are some of the benefits of the water filtration systems you can choose from.

Under sink mains water filterUnder sink rainwater filterWhole house mains Water filterWhole house rainwater filter
Removes chlorineKills 99.9% of bacteria with ultraviolet technologyReduces chlorineRemoves sediment
Removes sedimentEco-friendlyReduces taste and odourRemoves taste
Removes contaminantsDoes not use chemicalsReduces chemicalsRemoves odour
Bacterial removal filter availableRemoves sediment, dirt, and rustReduces sedimentRemoves bacteria

Supply and installation

Curran Plumbing can help you assess your requirements, provide advice, order the water filtration system you choose and install it.

During the pandemic lockdowns, more people have turned towards household improvements, so if you are doing upgrades it is a great time to consider installing a water purifier.

Contact us today to find out more.

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