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Leaks and the forgotten partner in crime

What leaks could be doing to your home

When we get leaks the first thing which we think of is almost always water damage. What we don’t think of, is the effect that leaks can have on our health, if mould and dampness occur as a result.

Mutliple studies out there indicate that mould and dampness can be correlated to various health issues such as; cold like symptoms, skin allergies and most severely asthma. With you and your family being at risk of such health issues, we have highlighted what to look out for if you suspect there is a leak in your home that could result to mould or dampness.

  • Monitor your water usage by checking your water meter reguarly. If there seems to be abnormal influxes you may have a leak.
  • If outside pavers or walls seem to be damp even throughout dry weather periods there may be a cracked pipe which is not visible, creating a leak in your home.
  • Analyse taps and pipes which are in hard to reach places which aren’t commonly inspected. These may have small leaks which you weren’t aware of due to their hard to get to locations. If water is visible around these areas you may have a leak which requires further inspection.

If you have been experiencing mould or dampness in your home and suspect that a leak has caused the mess, why not contact our team of highly skilled, professional and on-time plumbers. We are trained to assess all plumbing problems and can provide expert advice and trade to resolve the issue.

For more information on the services which we can provide browse our website or contact our friendly team on: 1300 135 355 today!

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