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In 2015 you’d be forgiven for thinking that technology has become a touch overwhelming. On the other hand, we’re of the mind that there’s never enough progress when it comes to home living and, when it comes to plumbing, there’s been some pretty significant advancements lately.

Waterproof speakers for the shower and glow in the dark toilet seats are just a few of the exciting innovations we’ve seen hit the market in recent times.  While not everything highlighted below has reached Australian shores let’s take a closer look at some of the newest gadgets in plumbing and why they’re making a splash.

Hands-free taps anyone? These things are a no-brainer, really. Besides looking sleek and modern, installing touchless taps is a great way to save water and stop the spreading of germs in their tracks. The great thing about them is that there’s no need to touch them at all, ever.

Simply move your hand or a frying pan in front of the sensor and you’re off and running—just the amount of water you need for the right amount of time.

Stylish and thrifty, hands-free taps usually run on battery power, have easy to use temperature settings, and intelligent proximity sensor technology to ensure there are no false starts.

Take the wireless back to the bathroom. Sure, listening to music in the shower is nothing new but have you ever been able to listen to music or your favourite radio station through your shower head?

There are a number of great manufacturers out there now who produce wireless Bluetooth speakers for the bathroom. Many are water resistant and some are even entirely waterproof. Now comes the speaker and showerhead combo—an all-in-one device that can be permanently installed in the shower.

They use Bluetooth technology to play music and are highly water resistant, allowing you to have your music closer than ever before. The only setback is that users have reported taking much longer showers with them installed.

Can’t beat those acoustics: singing in the shower has never been so much fun with shower heads that double as speakers. 

The toilet seat that never sleeps. Just like the rest of us it’s a probably a struggle to find the bathroom at 3AM, right? Or perhaps you’ve got someone at home who’s afraid of the things that go bump in the night. Glow in the dark toilet seats are one of those innovations you just know should have been around years ago.

The great thing about the glow in the dark toilet seat is that they tend to light up the whole bathroom. Popular with kids and the elderly, they take the trouble out of navigating the dark and the mysteries it holds.

You’ll find them in a variety of florescent colours like greens, blues and yellows and their glowing effect tends to last for hours. Some users have even commented on their usefulness during blackouts.

Don’t get enough TV time while clothed? Along with waterproof wireless speakers has come the introduction of the shower-mounted television. That’s right—now there’s a TV you can watch while having a scrub.

There are a couple of innovative manufacturers that have gone to the next level by introducing the TV to the water closet. They are waterproof, sleek in appearance and, best of all, are touch screen operated.

Can’t escape the infinite call of technology? Whether you want to catch up on the latest sports highlights before work or juggle your email and the soap, the touch screen shower-mounted TV screen is the pick for you.

The toilet that cleans itself. There have been a few attempts at creating a self-cleaning toilet over the years but many manufacturers have found it to be a bridge too far.

The tech-savvy brand Toto have recently developed their Neorest line of toilets that do just that—clean themselves thoroughly with every flush. Not only do they clean themselves, they see you coming and open and close the lid on demand. The handless operation and seat heating capability are certainly great toilet innovations.

Imagine having a toilet you never have to touch. Japanese toilet makers Toto have delivered the toilet that even cleans itself.

The Neorest doesn’t come cheap, however, and while they are certainly head and shoulders above the average Aussie loo, their Japanese-style remote-controlled water jet bum washing feature may be a little too much for some.

So there it is—with so many breakthrough developments of late it’s certainly an exciting time to be in plumbing.

Other important innovations have included more options for the elderly and handicapped. Elevated toilets and sinks, walk-in bathtubs and the like are all improving the bathroom.

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