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A new way to pay at Curran Plumbing

Openpay is a cutting-edge, payments solution for Curran Plumbing that allows you to get the service you need now and pay later, interest-free!

Openpay technology framework has evolved over four years, originally branded as Jam Payments.

Openpay is fast, easy and paperless. So enjoy now and pay later, interest-free.

All about Openpay

How does Openpay work?
We offer simple payment plans for customers, allowing service payments to be spread over numerous instalments and repaid on a fortnightly basis, interest free!
How are payments made?
Payments are taken automatically as scheduled from your nominated credit or debit Visa or Mastercard. You can also make a payment early through the Openpay app.
How do I update my card details?
You can quickly and easily update your card details in the Openpay app. Alternatively, you can also update your payment details by calling 1300 168 359. Openpay business hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. AEST. You will also need to contact them if your card has been lost or stolen to update your card details.
What if I need more time to make a payment?
Reach out to Openpay on 1300 168 359 or via email to and see what they can do to assist.
Can I make early payments?
Yes, early payments can be made quickly and easily in the Openpay app. You can also call the Openpay customer service team. The plan management fee will still be applicable. To pay off your entire plan, please contact the Openpay customer service team by email info@openpay.comau or phone 1300 168 359.
Are there late fees?
If payments have not been made by their scheduled date, late fees will apply. Openpay sends out welcome emails on all purchases and payment reminder notices. Late fees are detailed in advance in this email correspondence. Openpay understand that there are times when making a payment is just all too hard. Please contact them before the payment due date to reschedule and avoid late fees.

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