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Our Top Plumbing Questions Answered

Our top 3 plumbing questions answered

As a plumber we often get bombarded with all types of questions. Some abstract and some more common, regardless still all valuable.

To help our customers we have identified our top 3 plumbing questions and our answers to help you with all your plumbing needs.

1. How can I lower my water and energy bills?

We get asked this question quite a lot and everytime, our customers are always surprised with how simple it can be.

Our most common answer is that the most effective and efficient way to reduce your bills is by installing water saving and energy efficient products throughout your home. Common household products you can switch, may be shower heads, to dishwashers and all the way through to solar hot water or recycle water tank systems. This will reduce both your bills and your carbon footprint.

If you want to know more about products and how to install them correctly contact our team at Curran Plumbing today.

2. How do I fix a blocked drain?

You would be surprised by how many weird and whacky ways people try to unblock a drain and often it results in a phone call to our team to fix it once and for all.

Typically a blocked drain can be determined by omitting a foul odour, water is overflowing or there may be strange noise coming from the drainage in your home. Our advice is to try plunging the blockage and whatever you do, please do not resort to pouring chemicals down your drains, because more often than not it can make it a whole lot worse.

The drainage in your home can be blocked for a number of reasons, tree root intrusions or foreign objects blocking the flow of water. If you have tried everything and still can’t get your blocked drains cleared, it may be time that you contact our team of experienced plumbers today. We use state of the art fibre optic cameras and hydro-jetting technology to have that drain cleared, and back up and running for you in no time.

3. Why does my shower head keep leaking?

It’s no surprise that we get asked this question. With the increase of water bills you can imagine the additional cost you can occur if a leaking showerhead is left unattended.

Our advice is that more often than not a leak is coming from your taps. Showerhead taps become corrosive over time, may have been poorly installed or have just had limited plumbing maintenance as a whole.

The best thing to do in this situation is to purchase a new tap and have it installed.

Our team of plumbers are able to source taps for you based on product style and type. We will then install it for you and have the leaking showerhead resolved in no time at all.
If you are experiencing any of the above problems and believe it may be time to experience superior plumbing with expert customer care, contact our friendly team of plumbers at Curran Plumbing today on: 1300 792 082

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