Showers & Baths

Installing a shower or bath in your home?

Leaking showers and baths can seem like a small problem to begin with. Further down the track if left unattended can cause serious problems both to your facilities and your bank account.

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals are fully equipped to handle all shower and bath repairs and can even install a new shower or bath for you if you require it.

Expert Knowledge

Our plumbers have expert knowledge, are reliable and extremely professional in all plumbing matters which they undertake. So much so that each of our plumbers provides a written guarantee with every service regardless of the job or size.

Not only are our plumbers dedicated to finding the source to your problem they are also equipped with the latest technology to speed up the situation and take care of all your shower and bath needs.

Taps & Sinks

Leaking taps and sinks causing you headaches?​

Leaking taps or sinks can often be an overlooked nuisance and over time without you noticing can soon waste you water and drain up your water bill.

Whether you are in need of a new tap, a simple repair or a more comprehensive look at your current features, Curran Plumbing are equipped with the skills to handle your plumbing needs, big or small.

We're Available 24/7

We can assist with all your
tap & sink, including:

Bath installations

We can show you the latest bath designs and features to help you create a modern, relaxing bathroom with a quality, expert installation.

Clearing blockages​

All bathroom blockages located and cleared fast. Including Showers, Baths, bathroom floor drains.

Shower Installations

With so many designs and features available for modern showers, we can help you find the one that suits your desire and expertly install it for years.

Water Reduction

We can show you the latest water-saving installations and upgrades to help your family reduce their water consumption.

Shower Repairs & Leaks

We can expertly repair all your shower issues, no matter what the issue, from leaking taps to low water pressure.

Accessibly Showers

Ensure all members of your household can access the shower with ease, no matter what their mobility level.

Bath & Shower needs, including:

New Tap Installations

Professional installations for all taps throughout your home – from laundry to kitchen to bathroom. And if you’re having trouble finding the tap to create the right look, we can even help source it for you for a complete service.

Sink Blockages​

We can clear blockages in your sink fast and at a time convenient to you.

New Sink Installations

Expert new sink installations for your bathroom, laundry or kitchen to help you create the perfect look with the latest designs.

Accessibility/Mobility Taps

Improve the ability to turn taps on and off for all members of your household with an accessibility/mobility tap upgrade.


For fast, reliable service on all your tap repairs including leaking taps or taps no longer turning due to corrosion. Whatever your issue, we can help.