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Recycle Water Systems

Recycled water systems are a safe alternative for your family.

Using the appropriate filtration and sanitation systems, at Curran Plumbing we can install recycle water systems which are both safe for your family to use and will cost you less when it comes to your quarterly water bill.

The recycling of water is completely safe for irrigation, toilet flushing or household use, which makes it a great alternative to tap water when it comes to watering gardens, driveways or for other household purposes.

Recycle water systems are not suitable for drinking, however, our team of highly trained plumbers are fully equipped to install water tanks which are completely tailored for the safe consumption of water.

Our team of experienced plumbers will be able to help you with the repair or installation of recycled water systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We pride ourselves on expert advice, backed by a written guarantee and a level of professionalism undertaken across every plumbing job we come across.

If you think it may be time that you install a recycled water system in your home contact our friendly team at Curran Plumbing today. You might also like to consider installing an aerated wastewater treatment system. Curran Plumbing can offer advice on what solution is best for your needs.

Our plumbers will be ready with the right tools to quickly and effectively install your next recycle water system.

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