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Reduce your Water Usage Around the Home

Australia’s harsh, dry climate means there’s often not enough water to go around. Even in the winter months, water can be in short supply and it falls to us to take responsibility for our own water usage.
By adopting some simple water saving tips, or installing water saving fittings, you’ll be able to reduce your water usage all year round. Not only this, but your bank account will thank you, too – less water means your quarterly statement won’t be quite as hefty.

Grey water tanks
If your back garden is large enough, you may find installing a rainwater tank or recycled water system a helpful solution. By collecting run-off from your gutters after a storm or filtering your dishwater, you have a supply of liquid ready for watering your plants or for flushing your toilet.
Bear in mind that, if you were to water your plants with grey water, you should be mindful of the chemicals you’re using. As the water is not perfectly fresh, your garden would benefit from plant-safe liquids that will keep them fresh, even as you save the environment.

Wash with a full load
Washing machines are one of the biggest water wasters around, with each load spinning a massive 50 litres of water.
Cut down on your water use in the laundry by investing in a front loader with a high star rating. Front loaders are more efficient than their top-loading cousins and, with a four- or five-star rating, are better on the environment, too.
What’s more, wait until you have a full load before pressing the start button. If you really need your clothes washed – now – try and combine your blacks and whites in one load. By washing in cold water, you’ll reduce the risk the colours will run and, with the right detergent, your clothes will come out just as clean.

Check your usage at the meter
Sometimes, despite our hard efforts, it can seem like our water usage hasn’t gone down. In this case, you may have some leaks in your home that you need to get fixed before they run the risk of developing into bigger problems.
Checking for leaks is easy. After a few hours when you know you haven’t used any water – say, when you’ve been at work all day, sleeping all night, or have just come back for a holiday – check your water meter. If the number is different than it was at the start of this period, you most likely have a leak. A plumber will be able to help you determine where the source of the problem is and will offer a solution.

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