Roof Sprinkler Installers

Roof sprinkler systems to protect against bushfires Wollongong, Illawarra & Sydney

When you live in a fire-prone area and need to protect your home, a Curran Plumbing fire protection roof sprinkler installation can help you guard against bushfires and provide peace of mind.

Expert Knowledge

We can assist with all your Roof Sprinkler System needs, including:

  • Planning and quoting on installation of a Platypus sprinkler system best suited to your home or new-build design.
  • Supply and installation of an additional water tank if required.
  • Conducting six monthly check-ups to confirm system is working.

Curran Plumbing also offers a number of interest free payment solutions.  This allows you to get the service you need now and pay later.  Speak to one of our team for further details.

What Does the Roof Sprinkler System Mean?

A network of sprinkler heads, connected by copper piping, is fixed to the exterior roof.

Water is fed into the sprinkler system through a water pipe drawing from a water tank or mains water.

When activated, the sprinklers spray the roof with water, providing full coverage.

sustainable plumbing solution of a water tank​

Bushfire roof sprinkler systems are a vital defence for homes against embers and other kinds of fires. Curran Plumbing are specialists in installing roof sprinkler systems that are designed for Australian conditions.

With over 30 years of experience in plumbing, Curran Plumbing provides an excellent customer experience built on skilled work and effective technical solutions delivered by our highly trained team of plumbers.

From Apprentices through to Master Plumbers, Curran’s staff have the expertise and skillset to handle all your plumbing needs, providing professional results – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your roof sprinkler needs.

Benefits of Roof Sprinklers for Bushfires and Ember Attacks


Affordable systems for Australian homes, commercial and public premises

Sprinkler System

Curran Plumbing’s professional plumbers calculate the extent of sprinkler system needed for your roof.


Australian Designed

We use the Australian designed and made Platypus bushfire sprinkler system

Smart and Simple

Sprinklers are smart, simple and have low or no maintenance requirements

Monitored via Phone

The system can be operated and monitored via text message through your phone, meaning you can turn it on remotely wherever you are located

Emergency Button

There is an emergency button that can be pressed to ensure that the sprinkler system can be turned on if you have to leave the property in a hurry


Sprinkler nozzles are high-performing and reliable


Systems can be retro-fitted to older homes or installed with new-builds

Water costs

Rainwater tank connections can minimise water costs

Pump options

Pump options include petrol, diesel or mains-powered electric with genset

Pump power

Pump power source is backed up by battery