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Gutter Guard Installers

Whether you live in a high-density suburb or a remote rural area, Curran Plumbing can help you guard your home from the fire risks posed by burning embers.

Metal gutter mesh provides protection from embers that settle on the roof during a fire and then smoulder or burn.

Studies of Australian homes destroyed by fire reveal that an estimated 85% were caused by ember attacks, rather than direct flames (RFS). Ember attacks can happen more than 100 metres in front of a bushfire front.

Curran Plumbing can retrofit a guttering system to a new or existing building, bringing your home up to new minimum standards of compliance.

Curran Plumbing supply and install All-Flow Aluminium Gutter Mesh

Installation and Protection With a Quality Australian Made Product

Curran Plumbing can provide and install a new metal mesh guttering system for your home, or for garages, sheds and other outbuildings. 

We use the locally made All-Flow Aluminium Gutter Mesh that comes with a 15-year performance guarantee and a CSIRO tested fire rating.

The simple and effective All-Flow ski-slope system means that the roof pitch line extends to the gutter’s outer edge. The All-Flow aluminium mesh repels leaf and other debris, allowing regular wind action to blow it to the ground.

We recommend a 3.5mm mesh for optimum practicality, as it screens out small debris but admits heavy rainfall. We can also install a 2mm aperture aluminium woven mesh where ember proofing is a specific bushfire defence requirement.

We Use Gutter Mesh That Won’t Rust or Burn

The All-Flow mesh is durable, will not rust or burn with components made from BlueScope Colorbond steel. 

Metal mesh gutterings offer vital defence against ember attacks during a fire as they: 

  • prevent the build-up of fuel in gutters, such as dry leaves, bark and twigs,
  • repel embers that might otherwise lodge in gutters or roof nooks and crannies, without buckling in the heat
  • allow gutters to be more easily filled with water on fire-prone days by keeping them debris-free

Expert Assessment and Installation Services

Curran Plumbing will come to your property, assess the roof and quote on providing and installing aluminium mesh gutter guard. 

Our recommendations will take into account your existing roofline, the bushfire risks in your locality and minimum local council standards.

Curran Plumbing’s Quality Services are Guaranteed

Curran Plumbing only works with quality suppliers. We provide guarantees on our work. Our company has serviced Wollongong, the Shoalhaven and southern Sydney areas for almost 30 years, so we have been around long enough to know that the guttering we install functions well and protects homes in severe weather events.

With access to the full range of All-flow Gutter Guard Systems, we can offer a wide variety of colours, a CSIRO tested fire rating and a 15-year performance guarantee.

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