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Hot Water

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Enjoy energy efficient hot water

Whether you need your hot water system repaired or are in need of a new one altogether our highly trained team of plumbers have you covered. At Curran Plumbing we provide modern and more energy efficient hot water systems.

Our team of plumbers can also look into installing continuous flow systems if they believe this would be the best solution for you.

With expert advice on the right system for you and on-time satisfaction guaranteed with every service, you could be enjoying reliable, energy efficient hot water right now.

Our plumbers are highly skilled in what they do, are professional and are always on-time.

To eliminate the risks of having your hot water system break over crucial time periods throughout the year why not contact our friendly time at Curran Plumbing today.

We will be able to assess your current hot water system, repair or replace based on our professional judgement to ease your peace of mind.

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We can assist with all your hot water needs, including:

1. Hot Water That Never Ends!

Don’t waste money heating water on the off-chance it’s needed. With a continuous flow water heater, it only heats the water when you want it. Simply turn the tap on and water is heated instantly for you. Reliable hot water every time you need it. Imagine never running out of hot water again!

2. Economically sound

Because you’re no longer heating and reheating water in a tank, you’re also no longer wasting the energy required to keep that water hot. You can enjoy energy savings of up to 40% by using a continuous flow water heater that supplies you hot water only when you need it. Solar hot water systems can also be installed by Curran Plumbing which can offer more savings too.

3. Space-Saving

You no longer need to find space for a bulky or unsightly water heater. The continuous flow water heater is tankless, so you can use that space for something more interesting.

4. Low Maintenance

Without a tank, you don’t have to worry about tank leaks and corrosion ever again. The continuous flow system is low maintenance and easy to run.

Continuous Flow Water Heater

5. Hot Water Experts

We employ the best, so you can be sure our plumbers are fully qualified and licensed plumbing professionals who will provide quality workmanship and installations for all your hot water plumbing needs. We assess the specific requirements of your family, home and lifestyle to ensure you always get the right hot water solution to suit your needs.

6. Excellent Warranties

We’ll show you the best systems to suit your needs with the leading manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.

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Get back to everyday life sooner with a flexible,
interest-free payment plan on your next plumbing service with us.

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