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Pipes & Leaks

Pipes & Leaks

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Are you sick of seeing leaks in your home?

If you are sick of seeing a leak or issues with the pipes in your home, we have trained professionals who are ready to resolve your plumbing problems. At Curran Plumbing our team are able to assess all leaks throughout your home.

Whether it is a cracked pipe in your garden, a tap which is constantly leaking due to corrosion or being poorly installed. Your pipes need replacing, or you need a thorough inspection of a leak which constantly keeps reoccurring. Our plumbers will be able to repair or install new pipes or plumbing fittings for your home.

We provide fast, reliable and a professional service for all your pipe-related and leak needs.

Our plumbers pride themselves so much on their work that we even provide a written guarantee to ensure peace of mind for all our customers, regardless of the job or size.

If you are having issues with the pipes in your homes or a reoccurring leak keeps causing you grief, why not give our friendly team at Curran Plumbing a call today.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your pipe and leak related needs.

They worked out a good solution to our leak problem and sorted it in a day. Mei-Ling

We can assist with all your pipe and leak needs, including:

1. Leak Detection and Repair

When you suspect or know you have a leak, we can have a plumber to your home to expertly assess the situation and perform any repairs required to get your leak under control. No matter where your leak is located, underground, inside walls or under your floor, our team of professionals have the technology, skill and equipment to locate and repair it fast.

Fibre Optic Camera Technology

2. On-Time

We’re available all day every day for all your pipe and leak detection and repair. We know emergencies don’t only happen during business hours and all leaks need to be repaired fast. That’s why we’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to expertly assess and repair your leak and minimise any exposure to damage to the area surrounding the leak.

3. Copper Re-pipes

Speak with us to discuss how replacing older, corroding piping with new copper pipes can be of real benefit in your home.

The Advantages Of Copper Pipes

4. Corroded Water Pipes

Signs you may have corroded galvanized water pipes include foul tasting or rusty coloured water, or intermittent or low water pressure. Curran Plumbing can expertly diagnose and identify the source of the problem and recommend the right solution to suit your needs.

5. Noisy Pipes

If you are hearing strange noises or banging sounds when you turn taps off or on in your home (or when your washing machine is on), this is not only annoying, but could be causing damage to your pipes. We can assess your pipes and perform necessary repairs to return your pipes to performing quietly.

6. Plumbing Experts

Our plumbers are fully qualified and licensed plumbing professionals who will provide quality workmanship on all your pipe and leak repair needs.

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Get back to everyday life sooner with a flexible,
interest-free payment plan on your next plumbing service with us.

Call Curran 1300 135 355 Find out more