Roof Sprinkler Installers

Roof Sprinkler Installers

Roof sprinkler systems to protect against bushfires
Wollongong, Illawarra & Sydney

When you live in a fire-prone area and need to protect your home, a Curran Plumbing fire protection roof sprinkler installation can help you guard against bushfires and provide peace of mind.

Bushfire roof sprinkler systems are a vital defence for homes against embers and other kinds of fires. Curran Plumbing are specialists in installing roof sprinkler systems that are designed for Australian conditions.

With almost 30 years’ experience in plumbing, Curran Plumbing provides an excellent customer experience built on skilled work and effective technical solutions delivered by our highly trained team of plumbers.

From Apprentices through to Master Plumbers, Curran’s staff have the expertise and skillset to handle all your plumbing needs, providing professional results – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
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Benefits of Roof Sprinklers for Bushfires and Ember Attacks

An automatic water sprinkler system on the roof is becoming essential in Australia’s hot, dry climate. Bushfires or wildfires are an increasing danger, destroying lives and properties. The average homeowner can afford to install this excellent rooftop solution that can help when combatting fire.  

Embers from quite distant bushfires can still spark small flames on your rooftop. Smouldering minor fires are statistically more likely causes of homes burning down than direct blazes, so it is critical to extinguish any sparks near the roof. Roof sprinklers release jets of water that extinguish sparks on the roof and prevent flames igniting in gutter debris. They also help cool down the ambient temperature, which can be ferociously high on a bushfire day.

While the frequency and intensity of bushfires is increasing, and homeowners can’t always be physically present to hose down embers, the Australian-made Platypus sprinkler system is automated, so it will be there 24/7 to carry out the job.

Automatic roof sprinklers are the ideal way to secure your rooftop from fire-starting embers:

  • Affordable systems for Australian homes, commercial and public premises
  • Curran Plumbing’s professional plumbers calculate the extent of sprinkler system needed for your roof
  • We use the Australian designed and made Platypus bushfire sprinkler system
  • Sprinklers are smart, simple and have low or no maintenance requirements
  • The system can be operated and monitored via text message through your phone, meaning you can turn it on remotely wherever you are located
  • There is an emergency button that can be pressed to ensure that the sprinkler system can be turned on if you have to leave the property in a hurry
  • Sprinkler nozzles are high-performing and reliable
  • Systems can be retro-fitted to older homes or installed with new-builds
  • Rainwater tank connections can minimise water costs
  • Pump options include petrol, diesel or mains-powered electric with genset
  • Pump power source is backed up by battery
  • Maximum water spray effectiveness with minimum water usage
  • Unique Platypus sprinkler head is less wind affected
  • Control unit can sense temperature to automatically activate the sprinklers day or night, without the need to be home.

What Does the Roof Sprinkler System Mean?

A network of sprinkler heads, connected by copper piping, is fixed to the exterior roof.

Water is fed into the sprinkler system through a water pipe drawing from a water tank or mains water.

When activated, the sprinklers spray the roof with water, providing full coverage. 

How Does the Fireproof Roof Sprinkler System Work?

In Australia embers are responsible for many home fires resulting in death and destruction. 

A roof sprinkler system that protects the roof from embers should be part of your home fire safety plan.

Pressurised water is pumped into the rooftop sprinkler network. A dual outlet spinner on each sprinkler spins on a central shaft. The sprinkler nozzle disperses water in a 360° spray pattern. 

Water pumping and sprinkler rotation are powered by mains electricity, petrol, diesel or battery power.

Sprinklers can be installed at an angle which will cover 2.5 to 3 metres off the house in addition to the roof. This helps extinguish sparks near windows and other parts of the house.

Spraying the rooftop and a wide margin around the roof with water will extinguish or deter sparks:

  • Any wind-driven flame or ember will be dampened
  • Water from the sprinklers keeps accumulated debris in gutters wet
  • A wide curtain of water ensures radiant heat levels drop.

The unique design of the Platypus sprinkler ensures water droplets spray out and down from the sprinkler head, and water is sprayed in a full circle spray pattern, making it less susceptible to wind.

The fireproof roof sprinkler system is operated from a control panel fixed to the side of the house. The control unit is run by electricity with a battery back-up. It can be turned on or off by phone using a text messaging system. Use the control unit touch screen to check the condition of the battery and the condition of the pump. There is also an emergency start button for quick operation.

We can assist with all your Roof Sprinkler System needs, including:

  • Planning and quoting on installation of a Platypus sprinkler system best suited to your home or new-build design.
  • Supply and installation of an additional water tank if required.
  • Conducting six monthly check-ups to confirm system is working.

Curran Plumbing also offers Openpay, a cutting edge, payment solution that allows you to get the service you need now and pay later, interest free. Speak to us for further details.

Things you should know

Why do you need a professional bushfire sprinkler installation?

Curran has the plumbing experience to work on your roof quickly and efficiently to install your sprinkler system so you have peace of mind before the next bushfire season begins.

Curran uses reliable Australian made sprinkler products and equipment that have been tested in Australian conditions.

Technical specifications – Platypus® Bushfire Sprinkler Features: 

  • Latest Sprinkler Design
  • Effective Ember Protection
  • Flow & Pressure Tested
  • Engineered to Highest Quality
  • 12 month warranty
  • Efficient Water Use
  • Aust Patent 2012254967
  • US Patent 9,403,175

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