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5 tips to prep your plumbing for Christmas

For all of us Christmas means a whole lot more of everything – food and liquid consumption, kitchen waste, major water usage and visitors galore – all putting considerable pressure on your household pipes. You may be stressed but spare a thought for your poor plumbing! For plumbers the days following Christmas are sometimes the […]

DIY plumbing at home: Do you know the risks?

We’ve all fallen in love with DIY television, right? Us too—it makes for some entertaining stuff. Whether it’s renovation reality shows like The Block and Reno Rumble or lifestyle shows like Grand Designs Australia, we just can’t get enough of the ‘knocking down’ and ‘building up’ of homes across Australia. Fixing up the house on the weekends is […]

Dangers of gas heaters: how to make your home safe this winter

Gas heaters are affordable for fast-heating right across Australia. But, it’s important to keep in mind the potential dangers of running gas heaters in enclosed environments. When was the last time you organised to have your gas heaters properly serviced? Most authorities across Australia recommend that heaters are serviced by a properly qualified gas fitter […]