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The most common DIY plumbing mistakes

Don’t make these common DIY plumbing mistakes

Sometimes the old DIY can pay off, and other times you are left standing there wishing you were never so motivated to pickup the tools.

To avoid the unwanted task of trying to piece your mess back together, our team at Curran Plumbing have compiled a list of corners you wont want to cut when it comes to the next DIY job on the plumbing in your home.

No matter how many times we tell people that it is often best to contact the professionals. It seems each week our office staff receive that one call, ‘I didn’t realise that I needed to do that and now I have a serious problem. Can you help?’ Of course we can help, no matter the job or size, but we thought what better way to help then to list some common DIY plumbing mistakes that everyone makes almost once.

1. Water mains have not been correctly switched off

Most people do not like picturing their home inundated with water and that is why it is crucial that you always double check that the water mains have been switched off before beginning any work.
To switch off you water main is simple. Locate your water meter, normally located around the boundary line of your home. When located you will see a knob or nut which can be turned clockwise, the water will now be switched off.

2. Using inappropriate tools for the job

It’s no surprise really that you might not have the right tools for the job, in comparison to your local licensed plumber. Different plumbing jobs require different tools. So before starting any job research the tools which are needed and if you have them in your toolbox before commencing any work.

3. Not remembering how all the parts go back together

You’ve grabbed the tap and you’ve decided once and for all to fix that constant drip, so you’ve pulled it apart and are now standing there wondering on how to put it all back together. You’ve tried YouTube, but perhaps there is nothing which shows your make or model which you are trying to fix, and remember they can all be a little different. If you have gotten to this point and have tried everything, your best bet is to contact your local licensed plumber who will be able to get the tap back up and running in no time at all.

Although we highly recommend giving everything a go if atleast only once. We also recommend giving our team of highly skilled plumbers a call today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no DIY job is to hard for us to fix.

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