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Top 10 design trends for your new bathroom

The team at Curran Plumbing spend plenty of time working with our clients when they are installing their new bathrooms.

Along with getting the bathroom plumbing right designing and planning a new bathroom takes time and effort and sometimes it’s hard to decide between style and utility.

We’ve put together 10 bathroom trends that might provide you with the inspiration you need.


1// Follow a theme

Luxury Vintage Bathroom Interior

Why not choose a theme for your bathroom.  It might be a little confusing for you and guests if you have a collection of different themes in one space.  An example of a theme is the luxury-vintage theme in the picture above.  Everything is themed from the claw foot bath to the taps and other fixtures.

2// Plants

Modern bathroom suite with a double vanity and boat shaped batht

You don’t need to restrict keeping plants in the living room, kitchen and outside. You can keep plants in the bathroom and a plant can add a lot of life to the room if you place it strategically.  Just make sure that you have enough light in your bathroom for the plant and make sure that the styling and colour of the pot fits in with other bathroom fixtures.

3// Open showers

Woman in the shower, back side of young female showering under r

Open showers are right on trend.  A square shower-head coming from the middle of the roof is just like standing under a waterfall.  There are a wide variety of open showers on the market but keep in mind the amount of space that you have to play with when you are planning a bathroom with an open shower.

4// Mosaic

Spacious White Bathroom

These patterns are interesting to look at, especially in the bathroom.  If you are having a messy day, your guests will be too wrapped up in these patterns to notice the mess.

5// Wood

African Style Bathroom With Exotic Wood

While many people choose tiled walls for the bathroom it’s interesting to see that some are now choosing wood.  Wooden features in a bathroom really add character and provide some variety that you don’t see every day.

6// Colours

Detail Of A Green Modern Bathroom With Sink

Your bathroom can always use some colour! It is your choice which you would like to use, but make sure you find items in the bathroom to match the colour you choose.

7// Modern sink

Modern Bathroom

The best thing about this day and age is how beautiful a sink can now look! Have you ever looked at the different types of sinks? Maybe you can get a little creative and customise your own sink and other items.

8// Large tiles

Modern Bathroom

A great thing that is now appearing in bathrooms all around the world is over-sized tiles. They look great!

9// Built-in shower cupboard

Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering

Gone are the days where you hang a stainless-steel rack off your showerhead to hold all your soap and shampoo. Creating an in-built shower cupboard will make your life easier and it will make your shower look more attractive.

10// Lighting

Light Dimmer.

If you can, experiment with lighting! Perhaps you can install a light-dimmer if you haven’t already done so?  Create the perfect mood for your bathroom, especially if you have a long deep bath to relax in at the end of the day.


There are plenty of other ways to spruce up the bathroom and if you could think of others, we would love to hear from you, or if you need a reliable and professional plumber to help with your new bathroom contact us today by calling 1300 045 240 or click here.

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