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What to do When Waiting for Curran Plumbing to Come to the Rescue

So you’re currently standing ankle deep in water in the middle of your kitchen. You’ve called the plumbers, maybe uttered a choice selection of your favourite curse words and are now left waiting for the experts to do what they do best. If you’ve chosen wisely, then your plumber A-team won’t be long in rushing to your aid, but every second left wading through a half flooded house can often feel like an eternity. So what can you do to limit the destructive progress of your recently installed indoor swimming pool?

Keep calm and assess the damage

Well first thing’s first, you can start by turning off the water to your house to prevent your puddle from turning into a lagoon. Next, you can conduct a little bit of recon and assess how far the water’s gone. If you can identify any problem areas, then this will make your plumber’s job much easier, meaning they can address the situation and offer a timely resolution.

Once you know how far the water damage has spread, you can begin moving things out of harms way. Not only is this a good idea to prevent any more of your possessions from getting soaked, but it will most likely assist your plumber by allowing them access to any problem areas.

Damage control

With everything cleared and out of the way, you can now attempt the ever enjoyable task of mopping up the leakage. Unless you happen to work for a towel manufacturing company and have a lifetimes supply at your disposal, this may prove a time consuming task. It’s always better to get a head start on such tasks however, to minimise the damage and get the area as dry as possible before your plumber arrives.

Round up the zoo

If you’ve got one or more pets who either hate/love water, then it’s probably a good idea to round them up and keep them someplace safe. Dog owners can relate to the problems associated with overly excitable pups. The last thing you want is for your pooch to see your plumbing nightmare as an excuse to splash around. At the other end of the spectrum, any felines in the house will most likely be petrified at the sight of that disgusting, liquid seeping through the house. Cats will sooner run for the hills before allowing themselves to ever, ever get wet.

With this checklist complete, simply sit back and relax and let the team at Curran Plumbing work their magic.

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