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What to Do When Your Drains Need Servicing

If your plumbing system has suffered severe damage, the time may come that you need to think about a serious overhaul of your pipes. When you’re still suffering blockages and slow drainage even after establishing that the earliest part of the drain is clean, the problem is often further downstream.

In those cases, it’s best to call a professional. The cause is often tree roots entering the drains due to a crack in the pipes which can lead to collapsed and damaged drainage. Fortunately, if the problem is localised, that doesn’t mean digging up the entire pipe system to hunt for one break. Modern technology allows us to pinpoint the exact spot in the pipes responsible using a CCTV Colour Drain camera, so work can begin sooner, finish quicker and be completed with a greater degree of precision.

Is relining right for me?

The decision to either reline the pipe or completely replace it with new piping is up to you. If the break is localised, relining is an affordable and effective way to restore proper functionality. This can be done without digging and is accomplished within hours, not days. The existing piping is cleaned and descaled, and a seamless textile liner is inserted. These liners are designed with a special loop construction, making them extremely flexible. This flexibility gives them the ability to negotiate multiple bends of up to 90 degrees and difference in pipe diameter and gives a working life of up to 50 years.

A fresh start

On the other hand, older buildings with ageing plumbing systems can often benefit from a complete replacement. This can sound like a headache, but new techniques and technologies mean that a replacement is as unobtrusive as possible. Our high definition CCTV Drain cameras and locating equipment give us the advantage of allowing us to visually assess and locate the damaged areas of sewer piping. Choosing to replace means you are assured access to the most durable and reliable materials on the market, meaning that you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about your drains for quite a while.

Factors like the size of your outdoor area, the location of the pipes and the location of the damage, and the material your pipes are made from will affect your decision.

If you’re looking to get advice you can count on for your drains, speak to the drain specialist at Curran Plumbing.

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