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What’s really in your tap water?

As Australians, we rarely question the quality of our tap water. We take for granted the assumption that our water supplies are clean and free of health dangers.

But just what is really lurking in our tap water – and how can it affect you and your family?

Many microbiological hazards

There are over 2100 known toxins that may be present in tap water. Many of these toxins can be drawn back to microbiological hazards. Pathogenic bacteria is one such example, often found in tap water from contamination by animal or human faeces – and it’s a lot more common than you’d think.

Harmful viruses also exist in our tap water. Disinfecting water supplies usually kills most viruses, but occasionally they survive and wreak havoc in the form of viral infections that cause food poisoning-like symptoms.

Constant chemical dangers

Chemicals are added to our drinking water all the time. Fluoride has been put into tap water for decades, and its ability to protect against tooth decay is often referenced. However, with most dental products now containing fluoride, experts say it’s needless in our water. Too much fluoride can lead to mottled teeth and the potential damage of consuming it over a lifetime is still unknown.

Pesticides and herbicides also occasionally make their way into our water supplies, especially in rural areas. Some can cause cancer. Although our water is usually free of them, small concentrations have been found before – and not all water authorities check for them regularly.

Other hazardous chemicals that are regularly traced in tap water include nitrite, which is especially dangerous for young children, aluminium and chlorine.

There are many other additives that, despite not being an immediate danger to our health, affect the smell and taste of tap water for the worse.

The huge benefits of filtered water

A filter can alleviate any concerns over the safety of your water. Not only does a filter make drinking water smell and taste a whole lot better, but it can do wonders for your health by removing detrimental additives, chemicals and bacteria – all while retaining vital mineral deposits.

Drinking pure water is especially beneficial for kids, helping to build their developing immune systems and keep them healthy all year round. As well, it greatly reduces the risk of rectal, colon and bladder cancer in adults by removing all hints of chlorine.

To boot, filters are much more cost-effective than drinking bottled water in the long-term, and are infinitely better for the environment.

If you want to ensure the healthiest possible water for your family, contact us to discuss the installation of a water filter today and start drinking smart!

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