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Why ceramic disc taps are an arthritis sufferers’ best friend

Turning a tap handle can be a demanding task for those with arthritis and joint restrictions. However, there are options that make turning taps on and off incredibly easy and improve arthritis sufferers’ daily quality of life.

Ceramic disc taps are the perfect solution. Likened to “power steering”, ceramic disc valves contain extended levers that allow them to be turned on and off with a simple nudge from the hand, arm or wrist. These discs limit a tap’s turning radius to a quarter of what is customary, minimising effort.

As well as being a godsend for arthritis patients, ceramic discs are beneficial for a host of reasons. While traditional tap washers often split as they wear down from water pressure, resulting in leakages and thousands of extra dollars in water bills for homeowners, ceramic disc taps are designed to last a lifetime and stop unwanted dripping.

Not only this, but they look fantastic. Upgrading to a ceramic disc tap adds a modern flavour to your bathroom or kitchen that you just can’t get with traditional taps.

Best of all, you’ll actually save money by installing a ceramic disc tap that will make your life better. Ceramic discs prevent any “invisible” and obvious dripping that cause bills to lengthen and almost completely extricate the need for quick-fix plumbing jobs. The ease of which taps can be turned ensures that they completely shut off, meaning there’s no struggling and, in turn, no excess leakage – great for your pockets and the environment.

At Curran Plumbing, we can expertly install your brand new ceramic disc tap efficiently. Whether you’re an arthritis patient looking for relief or a conscious homeowner wanting to save money on bills, a ceramic disc tap is a brilliant long-term option. Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling on improving your life and bathroom.

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